When your vehicle is properly aligned you get better mileage, longer lasting tyres, it is easier to steer, your ride is smoother and your drive is safer.
When you are on the road every day, wear and tear and uneven road surfaces can lead to your wheels being out of alignment and when you rely on your truck for business, you need it to operate smoothly and efficiently.
Why not take it into the experts at Hancock & Just and have them check it out?


Hancock & Just offer comprehensive services including:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Camber setting I-beam axles, in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle for heavy duty axles, Hancock & Just own and operate the only “Out of Vehicle” press in Adelaide, ALL other heavy vehicle wheel aligners in Adelaide send the Axle to Hancock and Just specialist’s.
  • Suspension repairs for all makes and models, rebushing of multi-leaf spring, parabolic replacement or reset, we have a dedicated pit just to service the Hendrickson product range.
  • Brake relines on steer and drive axles.
  • Steer axle king pin replacement.
  • Steering testing, repairs and overhauls.
  • Power steering system testing and repairs.


Hancock & Just are the truck power steering specialists with trained technicians to diagnose and repair steering column issues including tilt/telescopic columns. We provide steering box and pump overhauls, and have a diagnostic on truck flow test and report to bench testing facility for steering boxes and pumps for testing prior to dismantling and after overhauls of units. Largest exchange stock in the state, ring our parts team to obtain your quote today as we stock both Sheppard and TRW products.

We service all Suspensions including :

Airliner, Hendrickson, Neway, SAF Holland, Airglide, Japanese 6 Rod, International Air, Reyco and the list goes on…..

Contact us today to discuss and book in your vehicle.