fourwdAustralia boasts of very rugged and remote terrain which is demanding on your

Hancock & Just offer a range of service options for your 4
Wheel Drive including:

  • Wheel alignment.
  • Steering and Suspension repairs.
  • Suspension ride height kits (coil spring or multi-leaf spring.
  • BlueMax to suit various preferred ride heights.
  • RAW shock absorbers.
  • Camber/Caster kits to suit most makes and models.
  • Steering Dampers and mounting kits.

It is fundamental that your 4WD is equipped with the right suspension if you want to improve its performance and meet the challenges of our outback.

Hancock & Just distributes POWERDOWN and BLUEMAX shock absorbers including the 4WD RAW range, which can help your vehicle cope with some of the toughest conditions. Don’t overlook the steering damper or increase rate bars commonly known as tortion bars…talk to us today Always know what your LBA’s are (Load Bearing Accessories) eg. fridge, bull bars, roof racks etc. these have to be inculed in the carring weight of your veihcle’s suspension as these soon add up to impead or effect the suspension performance and ride .

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