We specialise in Wheel Alignments, Steering and Suspension Repairs on ALL makes and models of heavy vehicles.


Also, as an agent of Krueger, we specialise in repairs and wheel alignments on all makes and models of semi-trailers.

Heavy duty wheel alignments

Our Technicians are trained to correct the Alignment of ALL Makes of Steer and Drive Axles on all American, European and Japanese Trucks ensuring maximum tyre life by using the most precise computerised alignment equipment available from Josam – World Leaders in Alignment Equipment.

  • Full alignment of Steer & Drive Axles on heavy duty vehicles ranging from prime movers, to bogie axle, tri-axle and quad axle trailers and also cranes.

S.A’s only purpose built “Out of Vehicle Axle Press” used to

  • Diff Housing Straightening (in situ or Out of Vehicle)
  • To correct camber in an out of vehicle axle press
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