Today’s trucks run hot with higher engine bay temperatures so they need the protection of quality components.
Hancock & Just distribute Hydrosteer COOLFLOW Fluid Cooling Solutions.
COOLFLOW Cooling Solutions: available in a large range of length’s and even double or twin version’s for the extreme temperatures endured in the far north of Austrailia.

  • Extend hose and seal life
  • Decrease downtime from heat related fluid problems
  • Can be used to cool engine fuel, differential and gearbox oils
  • Can significantly improve fuel economy in most circumstances. Used and field tested in the super pit at Kalgoorlie WA.

Coolflow coolflow Coolflow fluid cooling solutions

What is special about the Hydrosteer COOLFLOW?

  • Low back pressure design
  • Mechanically strong, resists stone damage
  • Easy mounting, almost anywhere
  • No clog design, can run in dusty areas
  • Available in a range of standard lengths
  • Custom lengths available for special applications.
To download and view COOLFLOW Cooling Systems information sheet click here pdf icon