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Wheel alignment is an integral part of preventative maintenance for all vehicles. Hancock & Just are specialists in the repair and maintenance of semi-trailers, their services include: Wheel alignment and camber setting for all makes [...]

Services for Cars

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Is your car pulling to one side when you drive, or does your steering wheel vibrate? Are your tyres wearing unevenly, or do you think you might have a suspension problem? At Hancock & Just [...]

Services Provided by Hancock and Just

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At Hancock & Just our fully qualified technicians are able to carry out wheel alignment and repairs to steering and suspension on all types of Trucks, Trailers, 4 wheel drives, Caravans, 4x4 and Cars.. We offer specialised repair [...]

Services for 4 x 4

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Australia boasts of very rugged and remote terrain which is demanding on yourvehicle. Hancock & Just offer a range of service options for your 4Wheel Drive including: Wheel alignment. Steering and Suspension repairs. Suspension ride [...]

About Hancock & Just

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Hancock and Just Wheel Alignment Specialists was founded back in 1960.. In the beginning the focus was on “Wheel Aligning “and developing the much specialised technique and tooling needed to correct the “Camber” on Solid [...]

Heavy Trucks

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When your vehicle is properly aligned you get better mileage, longer lasting tyres, it is easier to steer, your ride is smoother and your drive is safer.When you are on the road every day, wear [...]

Light commercial vehicles

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At Hancock & Just our fully qualified technicians are able to carry out service and repairs on all types of Car ,Caravan,4wd,Bus, truck and trailers.We offer specialised repair and maintenance services for: Wheel alignment & [...]

Coolflow cooling sytems

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Today’s trucks run hot with higher engine bay temperatures so they need the protection of quality components. Hancock & Just distribute Hydrosteer COOLFLOW Fluid Cooling Solutions.COOLFLOW Cooling Solutions: available in a large range of length’s [...]

Shock Absorbers

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Shock Absorbers prevent damage to your vehicle, choose the shock that keeps its cool!Australian roads represent unique driving conditions, which can do untold damage to your vehicle unless it is protected by a good working [...]


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Truck Steering Specialists Hancock & Just have a comprehensive range of: Power Steering Gears and Pumps Drag Links ZF Steering Parts Steering Conversion Kits VIP Steering Wheels […]