4 X 4s

Our technicians specialise in repairing and aligning all makes and models of American and Japanese 4×4 steering and suspensions.
Procedures fore taken on such vehicles include:

  • Wheel alignments
  • Camber/Caster kits to correct the alignment of 4×4 steer axles
  • Straightening of diff housings in situ or out
  • Supply and fit suspension lift kits
  • Steering and suspension repairs
  • Heavy duty spring packs rated for towing in mind
  • Power steering repairs on American and Japanese 4×4’s

Not only do we carry out wheel alignments on everyday 4×4 we are also able to provide all above procedures to a variety of unique vehicles similar to the Oka on the right.


Specialising in alignments of unique, performance and also vintage cars.

  • Camber/caster adjustments
  • Steering and suspension repairs
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