Services for Cars

Is your car pulling to one side when you drive, or does your steering wheel vibrate? Are your tyres wearing unevenly, or do you think you might have a suspension problem? At Hancock & Just our trained technicians can assess your vehicle, provide repairs and adjustments to make it safe and easier to handle. Our [...]

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Services Provided by Hancock and Just

At Hancock & Just our fully qualified technicians are able to carry out wheel alignment and repairs to steering and suspension on all types of Trucks, Trailers, 4 wheel drives, Caravans, 4x4 and Cars.. We offer specialised repair and maintenance services for: Wheel Alignment Wheel Balancing Truck Power Steering Steering Components Suspension Components Brake Relines to Prime Movers [...]

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Services for 4 x 4

Australia boasts of very rugged and remote terrain which is demanding on yourvehicle. Hancock & Just offer a range of service options for your 4Wheel Drive including: Wheel alignment. Steering and Suspension repairs. Suspension ride height kits (coil spring or multi-leaf spring. BlueMax to suit various preferred ride heights. RAW shock absorbers. Camber/Caster kits to [...]

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Light commercial vehicles

At Hancock & Just our fully qualified technicians are able to carry out service and repairs on all types of Car ,Caravan,4wd,Bus, truck and trailers.We offer specialised repair and maintenance services for: Wheel alignment & balancing. Truck power steering. Steering , suspension , turntables and even mudguards and chrome wheel covers. We also have a large range of [...]

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Heavy Trucks

When your vehicle is properly aligned you get better mileage, longer lasting tyres, it is easier to steer, your ride is smoother and your drive is safer.When you are on the road every day, wear and tear and uneven road surfaces can lead to your wheels being out of alignment and when you rely on your truck for business, you need it to operate smoothly and efficiently. Why not take it into the experts at Hancock & Just and have them check it out? […]

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